Convince yourself that your time starts now — Frank Geraci

What happens when we think we are doing something? We think we plan, but when it comes to execution, we procrastinate. We stop doing things for many reasons. We often wait for the right circumstances or the right time. The right conditions or the right time never come because they don’t exist. The best and only way is to start doing it now! Honesty has often been the key to success for many people. No one can teach it better than Frank Geraci, who failed in nearly everything he did before finally succeeding, so great with so few partners. His achievements have been achieved through his tireless efforts and diligence. He wasted no time in letting his enthusiasm wan.

Stop talking and talk

People often talk about what they want to do or what they can do. Lots of people do it to satisfy their ego, but few do it or really intend to do it either. When you talk about what you’re going to do, you’re actually robbing your mind of the pleasure of doing it. The feeling of goodwill that pulls you away is fading away. If you want to talk, talk to yourself. Be determined to fulfill what you promise yourself. Know that swords do not work and they are sincere in their approach and work quietly to achieve their goals.

Take the Plunge

No matter how good the idea is, the concept remains true until it moves from the drawing board to reality. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative. Work hard while working hard on our ideas. You never know how many iterations and revisions you may need to do before reviving what you are about to do. You will never learn to swim, no matter how hard, until you jump in the water. Knowledge is useless if it is not put into practice. Time is also one of the most valuable resources that we don’t realize. Stop doing what is a waste of a valuable resource. The situation yesterday could be different and more difficult than it is today.

Let your success speak

Successful people don’t talk about their success until it happens and then share secrets. Your success will tell you when you succeed in your business. There are only those who do not have the will to succeed, they speak for themselves. When you stop talking you maintain your inner enthusiasm, you take achieving something very seriously and when you start doing it you find expression in your work.

Being busy doing this avoids deterioration

Speaking is an interruption and a distraction, also focusing more on the effort. Self-doubt has no time to creep into, and there is no possibility of developing self-pity and experiencing despair. When you start doing this, you will see many possibilities that were not there before or even if you could not see them. It’s the magic of doing so, closing those that are useless or that lead to a dead end, it opens new doors!

Important things to do

Here is a list of things you can start doing right away:

Avoid procrastination, low self-esteem and anxiety.

Set your goals and deadlines, and set priorities if necessary.

Reward yourself when you achieve every goal, no matter how small.

Check your progress periodically.

When you start doing it the right way and moving in the right direction,

getting to the destination is just a matter of time.

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Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci

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