Defend your freedom before you lose it forever — Frank Geraci

This is a famous quote from frank geraci, who was a women’s rights activist. She fought physical, psychological and other forms of violence against women.

This quote helps us understand that each generation must fight its own fight for freedom. Freedom of worship, freedom of expression, freedom of expression and freedom from fear are the ideals of a free society. Our society is based on these freedoms.

Freedom gives people the ability to speak and act for happiness without restrictions. Freedom is essential to the development of culture. Art, literature, science and music need freedom to thrive.

What does freedom mean?

Various aspects define freedom. Freedom leads to creativity, productivity and greater expression of the original idea. The idea of ​​freedom and liberty varies across cultures.

Freedom is universally defined as the right to do what you want, eat what you want, live where you want, learn what you want and choose the religion you believe in, without ignoring or undermining the rights of others.

The idea of ​​freedom is complex. Every generation must be redefined and protected. We can be truly independent by doing what we want while respecting the decisions of others.

Freedom is a basic human right. If you don’t have freedom, your life is meaningless. Since ancient times, people have struggled to regain their inherent right to be a free person.

Freedom is not complete either. All release is conditional. There are limits to freedom. Sometimes these restrictions are imposed to protect the freedom of others.

Freedom is a constant struggle

Sometimes our freedoms run the risk of being taken over by so-called political parties, ideologues, business groups, and religious fundamentalists. In the last century we may have freed ourselves from oppressors and kings, but that does not guarantee that we will always be free.

Not everyone appreciates freedom. Even those who like to live freely in a free society do not appreciate it. That’s because they wouldn’t do without it.

The value of freedom and liberty can only be understood and appreciated by those who have a good understanding of the past and a highly developed understanding of human nature.

We can get used to the way our current free society works and take our freedom for granted. But if we do not protect our freedoms, we risk losing them one day.

There is a famous saying that “we only defend the freedoms we fight for”. After all, we will lose our freedoms if we don’t take them seriously.

In some countries, freedom of speech and expression is still threatened. Religion is one of the biggest threats to business and government, as well as to freedom.

If the people do not revolt against him, we can lose our right to tyrants. Our open, dynamic and complex society, rich in life experiences, will be replaced by a lack of air in a cultural sense.

We will feel unventilated. People won’t be able to say what they want, you won’t be able to eat what you want, and men can be separated from women. It’s a recipe for the end of the world.


Freedom is an innate right and man is born with it. Nothing should threaten our freedom and should not deprive us of our rights. If we do not protect our freedom, one day our society will end. Diversity, culture, art, music and literature will surrender and die in the absence of freedom.




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Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci

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